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ORGRIMMAR DESIGN was established in 2006, focusing on graphic design, packaging design, advertising design, and production. Our goal is to provide clients with innovative concepts, unique designs, and high-quality, efficient services.

The media world is constantly evolving, making promotion and packaging design increasingly important. We firmly believe that both well-known brands and products with potential for development often lose out on revenue, brand recognition, and market share if they lack proper packaging and promotion, far exceeding the cost of promotional design.

Our clients come from local and international retailers, brands, and various businesses. In the future, the Ogma professional team will continue to strive, providing customized graphic design, packaging design, web design, as well as market-related analysis and solutions, aiming to maximize the impact of brands and products in terms of promotion.

The professional team of ORGRIMMAR is primarily based in Hong Kong and consists of experienced designers and marketing specialists. Due to our team's passion for creativity and development, we are not satisfied with merely being a ubiquitous design company in the market.

In addition to placing great importance on market demands and changes, we enjoy adopting better interpretative approaches to assist clients in establishing and enhancing their image. Moreover, we are enthusiastic about providing professional, feasible, and efficient planning analysis and solutions.

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Every project, regardless of its type or size, starts with the ideation phase. Each step in the design process is crucial for client's work.

During the consultation and research phase, we closely communicate with the client to understand their needs, goals, and expectations. We conduct thorough analysis and research to familiarize ourselves with the client's company, competitors, and target audience/customers. This stage focuses on collecting data and information to guide the subsequent design process.

Next comes the concept presentation phase, where we propose multiple design concepts and solutions based on the insights gathered during the consultation and research stage. We share these concepts with the client and revise and adjust them based on their feedback and input to ensure the design aligns with their expectations and goals.

Once the design concept has been refined and approved by the client, we move into the design confirmation phase. In this stage, we further refine and detail the design, ensuring that every aspect meets the client's requirements. This includes selecting appropriate colors, fonts, layout, and imagery elements.

After the design confirmation, we proceed to the artwork production phase. This involves transforming the design into high-quality graphics or packaging designs and preparing the files for printing or production. We pay attention to detail and precision, ensuring that the final artwork meets design standards and requirements.

Once the artwork is completed, we move into the printing or production process. We collaborate with reliable suppliers to ensure optimal printing quality or product manufacturing.

The final step is the delivery phase, where we deliver the finished product to the client according to their requirements and timeline. We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient service, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and meet the client's expectations.

This is our workflow, where we handle each project with importance and attention to detail at every stage to deliver the best design solutions and service. From consultation and research to final delivery, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their design goals and succeed.

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